Tile and Grout Cleaning and Care

Boller’s Carpet Cleaning uses the latest tile and grout systems to clean soiled grout, marble, and natural stone to make it sparkling clean again. Grout is porous, and, over time, it collects dirt, grime, and grease, making it unsightly and unsanitary. You no longer have to get on your knees and scrub soiled tile and grout the old fashioned way or use a harsh, ineffective cleaner while you try to get that shine.

We clean tile and other hard floor coverings in any room . . . the kitchen, family room, living room, bedroom, playroom, and bathroom. Wouldn’t you love to have the grease and grime cleaned from your kitchen floor, the built-up dirt and grime eliminated from all rooms in your home, and your bathroom shower sparkling clean and free of soap scum and mildew? Boller’s Carpet and Cleaning can tackle the job, and we know you will be pleased when we finish your project.

When we finish cleaning your tile and grout, we apply Stone Tech Impregnator Pro®. This should protect your tile and grout for 3 – 5 years.

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Clean Your Tile and Grout

You can see the difference before the tile and grout was cleaned and after it was cleaned. The result is astonishing!

BEFORE CLEANING – Over the years, tile can absorb food, grease, dirt, and anything that is on the bottom of our shoes. This tile, which was originally set with white grout, took a beating over the years. So did the tile, itself. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

AFTER CLEANING – The tile floor has been scrubbed clean and the white grout has been cleaned and sealed.
A beautiful, sanitized, clean floor is ready for foot traffic when we leave.

These are the Steps Boller Carpet Cleaning Takes to Clean Your Hard Floors

1. The tile floor is swept.

2. The tile floors are sprayed with an alkaline solution. We have selected this solution because it will not harm your floors or appliances.

3. We select a soft, standard, or hard brush according to the type of tile and grout we are cleaning.

4. The proper brush is installed in a counter-rotating brush machine to clean the tile and grout lines.

5. Dirty water is sucked up into the counter-rotating brush machine and then emptied.

6. A scrub brush is used to remove stubborn stains on the tile and get down into the grout lines.

7. The pressure washing machine removes dirt and grime from the grout and tile.

8. After the floors are washed, you will be able to see the difference right away.

9. We use an electric scrub brush to clean the corners and edges.

10. An absorbent cotton towel is used to dry the floors before we apply a sealer to the grout lines.

11. The tile and grout is clean and dry. It is time to apply a sealer to the grout.

12. A fan is placed on the tile to facilitate drying time.

Grout Cleaning Demonstration

  • Boller’s Carpet Cleaning offers a FREE, grout cleaning demonstration right in your home.
  • Our staff will use our system to clean a few lines of grout and let you see dirt and grime disappear right before your eyes as our cleaning product works its magic.
  • Schedule your demonstration soon if you want to see the difference we can make on your tile floors.

We know you will be pleased.