cleaning new and antique Oriental rugs and carpets

Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Boller's Carpet Cleaning Company offers Oriental rug cleaning at our workshop in Bryan and College Station, TX. After a thorough inspection of your rug's condition, we will use the eco-friendly products to restore your rug and fringe to its optimal beauty.

Quality Cleaning Products

  • Our products are SAFE for your family and the environment. We never use harsh chemicals that could harm your family, your rug, or the environment.
  • We use bio-degradable products to clean your carpets.

Pick-up and Delivery

Pick-up and delivery is available at an additional fee.

Start Protecting Your Oriental Rugs TODAY

The Process of Cleaning an Oriental Rug

The first step to clean an Oriental rug is to get as much dirt and debris out of the rug. The carpet is vacuumed and then laid on a metal base for dust removal.

preparing to lay Oriental rug on wire base

Laying rug face down on metal grates

dusting Oriental rug step 1

Dusting the rug

dust and dirt left after cleaning Oriental rug

Dirt that has been dusted out of rug
falls through the grates and onto the shop floor.

The Next Step to Cleaning an Oriental Rug

The rug is then soaked in a gentle cleaning solution to remove the remaining bits of dirt and grime.

washing rug in pit

The rug is placed in the washing pit to start the cleaning process.

cleaning Oriental rug

The rug is being cleaned in the pit.

rinsing the rug

The rug is being rinsed to remove all traces of cleaning products.

Carpet Pads - There is a Difference

You have spent a nice sum of money on a beautiful Oriental rug and the carpet pad you place under it can help extend the life of it or shorten it.

  • Cheap, PVC foam pads become brittle over time and eventually break down. As they break down, the friable material is ground into your Oriental rug fibers.
  • A high quality carpet pad not only protects your rug, it also protects the flooring beneath the rug.
  • We offer a high quality rug pad that can be custom cut to fit your rug and protect your investment.

carpet padding

We offer a felt and natural rubber carpet rug pad that can be placed under your carpet on a variety of surfaces.

carpet padding under carpet

This Oriental rug will be protected from foot traffic and the pad will prevent it from slipping and bunching.

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